Lasagna with Hello-V Mozzarella flavour and zucchinis


For bechamel


1 Grate zucchini, carrots and peppers. (without letting them drain).
2 In a deep pan (35x45cm) put olive oil and when it gets warm add onion, and salt, close with the lid and let them bake at medium heat until the onion softens. You will need approximately 15 minutes without removing the lid.
3 Add vegetables, salt and close the lid until the vegetables soften. Open the lid, add fresh herbs, fresh onions and cook for a while longer, without the lid on high heat, until the vegetables have no liquid at all.
4 In the meantime, prepare bechamel. In a saucepan put olive oil, and flour and leave it on medium heat until the flour turns a golden colour. When the flour is ready add almond milk gradually, stirring constantly with the wire until we have a nice, thick cream. It is important to stir constantly.
5 When the cream is ready, take it off the heat, and add the nutmeg, the vegetable mixture (that we prepared) and half of the Hello-V Mozzarella flavour.
6 Prepare the lasagna. Lay the first seven lasagnas in the pan. Spread half of the filling first, put the rest of the lasagna, the rest of the filling, and the rest of Hello-V Mozzarella flavour, cover with aluminium foil, transfer to the oven and bake for about 25 minutes.
7 Remove the aluminium foil and bake for another 10 minutes until there is a nice crust.