Baked potatoes with melted Hello-V Smoked flavour


For serving


1 Wash the potatoes and dry them well.
2 Put the potato between two spoons or two chopsticks and with a knife cut it into thin slices, be careful not to cut them all the way.
3 When we are done, add salt and pepper.
4 Mix garlic, olive oil, and oregano and spread them across all the potatoes with a cooking brush.
5 Bake them in a preheated oven, at 200°C for 30 minutes.
6 In the meantime, cut Hello-V smoked flavour into cubes and put them in a pan. Then put the pan in the oven (where you are baking potatoes at 200°C ) for 20 minutes or until Hello-V smoked melts.
7 When potatoes are ready sprinkle them with fresh herbs, chives, crushed red peppers, and lemon juice and serve them with melted Hello-V Smoked flavour on the side.